Why you should invest and live in Fashoda, Melbourne



I’m pleased to present the stunning ‘Fashoda’ a boutique residential housing development, of just 62 homes, in one of Australia’s fastest growth corridors. This is a superb Freehold house & land development (landed property) about 25km from Melbourne CBD with outstanding investment potential. It comprises of a mix of 4 bedroom homes, on land and with single/double garage and priced from approximately A$397,000 to A$452,000.


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Overseas Property Investment Guide for Singaporeans

Some historic cities will never lose their charm, even as their old world aura is gradually diminishing, what with modern steel and glass dehumanized facades pushing their way into prominence. London is a prime example, even as new apartment blocks are being built virtually every day. Statistics for 2012 show that 54 percent of the customers who bought those apartment blocks were from outside the island nation.

overseaspropertyinvestmentAsian buyers seemed to be at the forefront, with the largest chunk comprising investors from Singapore, whose demand has overshot that of buyers from Hong Kong. This increase has been documented by Jones Lang LaSalle, a leading consultant in the real estate sector. The housing loan market in Singapore has evidently been rosy, these past few years.

The government has seen some cause for alarm in the country’s property market and reacted by emplacing some curbs to regulate activity, forcing you, as a potential investor, to look beyond local shores. The immediate consequence is that the set of rules you were so comfortable with at home go out the window. The property market abroad can be a minefield if you don’t keep your wits about you. In other words, do your homework thoroughly; do not be misled by hyperbole or hearsay and bind yourself to an investment. Continue Reading →

New Zealand Property Market Outlook

Real Estate in New Zealand

The real estate market in New Zealand has been showing signs of major growth in recent times. Major cities such as Auckland and Christchurch have been huge contributors to this boom. In these two cities real estate prices have seen a major rise. In Auckland, the real estate prices have increased by approximately seventeen percent. In Christchurch real estate prices have also been on the increase significantly though not as high as Auckland. Christchurch has seen a rise in housing prices by eight percent over the last twelve months. Both of these two cities are major players in the New Zealand real estate market. When combined, both cities represent about half of all the real estate sales for New Zealand. Continue Reading →

Comprehensive Overseas Property Loan Guide for Singaporeans

Investing in Property

Many property buyers are increasingly looking to foreign markets in a bid to raise their property portfolio as prices in Singapore’s property market have shown no sign of coming down.

Land being such a scarce commodity in Singapore, investing in property abroad is always going to be more attractive. It is also true that land with lower purchase price translates to smaller mortgages. Moreover, people with real estate abroad are more likely to get higher rental yields than in Singapore not to mention the potential for greater capital appreciation in overseas markets.

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Room for Rent in Singapore

Where to Rent

Orchard Road is easily the most famous address in Singapore. Located at the center of the city, the street is brimming with life with shopping malls and luxurious hotels jostling for space one after the other. Residential properties in Orchard area are to be found on streets in close proximity to Orchard Street. They include such exclusive addresses as Grange Road, Cairnhill Road and Killiney Road ; all to be found within a walking distance to the city’s central business district. They are in close proximity to all the city’s attractions and High-rise homestheir impeccable design and finish makes them attractive rental options to Singapore’s motley collection of moneyed expatriates. All such addresses have easy access to shopping malls, major business offices, restaurants, swanky international schools  and entertainment spots.

A good number expatriates relocating from Western countries are also attracted to Woodlands Singapore. This is especially the case with Americans taking into account that the American High School is to be found in Woodlands. Condominiums, Bungalows and Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are all fairly common rental options in the area. Woodgrove Condominium and Woodgrove Estate offer private condominiums and their close proximity to the American school means rental options are always in high demand. Rental rates for condos in Woodlands area start from around 3,000 Singapore dollars. Continue Reading →

Tips on Buying Overseas Property

Purchasing property

With prices of property skyrocketing in Singapore, a number of residents are contemplating purchasing property overseas, should it prove to be a viable proposition. With the grapevine buzzing with news about local citizens raking in considerable profit in the form of rental income, why not deploy low-yield bank deposits in the property market, purchasing property at much lower prices abroad? Continue Reading →

Ways to Generate Passive Rental Income

If you are seeking your financial freedom, you have little choice but to turn to means of generating passive income. But before deciding on investing in a passive income project, it is important to get your priorities right. This guide gives you all the information and tips you need to make a success through property investments for passive income.

Investing in property is a great way to earn a passive income, especially taking into consideration that both your rental income and your property’s value are guaranteed to double up every ten years or so. The increasing rental prices will ensure you always have passive income at hand while the rising value of the property itself give you even more options to expand your investment portfolio.

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Retirement Income Through Rental Properties

How to Earn Stable Retirement Income through Rental Properties

Retirement investmentHaving rental property is one of the most common ways to generate some passive income. By owning rental properties, you will have plenty of rental income every month, hedge against inflation, not to mention the fact that rental properties invariably appreciate in value over time. Many retirees who are averse to the topsy turvy volatility of the stock and bonds market have found solitude in investing in rental property. However, while investing in rental property is a sure way to fund your retirement, not everyone is suited to be a landlord. Here is a detailed guide on how you can determine whether rental properties can help you generate stable income in your retirement. Continue Reading →

Migrating to Australia – Key Requirements


Australian immigration authorities have recently indicated that they have speeded up and simplified the immigration procedure. But will their assertion pass scrutiny?

If you plan on immigrating to Australia, a bit of spadework is required in advance. Determine if your skills set is in short supply there and assess your skill level. Figure out your eligibility for the relevant category of visa and ensure your IELTS rating is well up to par. When you tot up your points and, perchance, find yourself falling short, you might require state sponsorship.Migrate to Australia

To set the immigration process in motion, the first step is the submission of what is called the Expression of Interest (EOI); now await an invitation to officially apply for immigration. Once it comes through, go ahead and apply. Do be ready with your medical examination results as well as police verification.

The entire procedure for immigrating to Australia is clarified in the five steps listed below. The specific aim is to help you, no matter which stage you are at in the immigration process, even more so if you do not want to retain the services of some unknown immigration representative for guidance or advice. Continue Reading →

Migrating to New Zealand – Requirements and Tips

The process of applying for immigration to New Zealand is quite complicated. If you are applying to apply for consideration as a Skilled Immigrant, these are the steps you are required to follow.

Tips to Acquire Immigration Visa

  1. Basic Requirements: These are the minimum requirements every skilled immigrant must meet. To begin with, you must be aged at least 20 years and no older than 55 years. You will also need to demonstrate proficiency in English, certain health requirements and other criteria. Continue Reading →

Short Term Room Rental in Singapore – The Reality

There is a growing movement among home owners and occupants which is also gaining much traction in the media. Many of landlords have found it very profitable financially to rent their extra rooms for very short periods of time. In many cases, these occupancies may be for a few days – such as a weekend. To support and further enhance the viability of such short-term accommodations in the Short term room rentalsmarketplace, websites such as Airnb and Roomorama have helped to create a viable marketplace for persons offering these services as well as those who are looking to access such accommodation. Some listings on the aforesaid websites are in exotic locations such as South East Asia and are offered for a fraction of the cost that it would take to stay in a regular hotel.  In some cases, there is the added benefit of guests getting breakfast and toiletries at no additional cost as well as access to a smart cards used for transportation.

This seems in principle a mutually beneficial relationship as both owner and occupant can gain from the experience. The landlord will get some extra money in their pocket while the occupant could save significantly when compared to the cost of staying in a regular hotel with the added benefit that they would have gained a more “authentic” feel of the town, city or country’s culture and people when compared to staying in a private hotel. Continue Reading →

Engaging a Good Property Agent in Singapore


Choosing a property

Do you and your family may want a house of your own to settle for good? Or is there the possibility that either you and / or your working wife is moving up the office hierarchy and would like to sell your current house to move into something bigger or more exclusive. Or are you into speculation- do you wish to invest in property, looking for a handsome profit in the long term? In the first case, you may not have the time to look for houses on sale; in the second, there is nothing you can do beyond spreading the word, i.e., advertising. The third involves intelligent investment. These are the scenarios when a real estate agent comes into your otherwise routine life. Continue Reading →

Singapore Property Investment Tips


Investing on propertyThe unspoken fiat in speculation of any sort is to remain dispassionate. There is absolutely no room for emotion in this harsh world of trading where the hard cash rules supreme. In the arena of property, the two primary rules are to think long-term and build a balanced portfolio while remaining fluid. Going further, look at your proposed investment under the three heads of growth, consolidation and conversion, the outcome of which should shape your strategy; for instance, investing in areas where infrastructure is developing rapidly is a safe proposition that will pay off in the long-term. Continue Reading →

Commercial Property for Sale in Singapore

Buying commercial property is a huge investment; therefore it is absolutely critical that you understand what your goals are for the long term before moving to make your first purchase. A key part of evaluating your long term goals is to determine who you are as a buyer. Will you be buying as an institutional investor who is interested in income generating properties, an individual investor who wants to own a small commercial property that you can rent or use or are you thinking of being an owner-occupier so that you can keep the property for your own use?  Having a clear understanding of what your intentions are for the property will help to ensure that you get a great return on your investment. Continue Reading →

The Essential Guide to Buying and Renting Landed Property in Singapore

Singapore propertyThe factors determining how to buy landed property in Singapore are diverse, ranging from personal objectives to whether the buyer is a foreigner or a citizen of Singapore. In general, it is more common for expats posted to Singapore to rent, especially if their contracts are short term . It is only those looking for a stay exceeding 2 or 3 years who may find buying as an attractive option. Foreigners can buy condominiums without any restrictions. However, unless special leave is granted by the authorities, only foreigners with a permanent residency status can buy such landed property as terraced or detached houses. Continue Reading →

Understanding Singapore Commercial Property Loans

Before you can understand the way in which loans work in Singapore for commercial properties, you must first understand that there are three different types of loans available. The first is a typical commercial property loan that is available for individuals who plan on purchasing property. The other two types of loans are related to companies who are purchasing either a residential or a commercial property. Each type of loan will have different requirements and documents that must be completed prior to application consideration.

Property loan

There are several different factors that you want to keep in mind when searching for a commercial loan. Typically the packages available and interest rates are going to be applicable to all three different types of loans, and the minimum amount that lender will provide is $100,000. It is also important to understand that the Loan to Value amount for a commercial loan is 70%, contrary to the typical 80% for a residential property. Keep in mind, as you consider different types of loan packages, that if you plan on reselling your property quickly it would be wise to consider a loan that does not have a long lock-in time period. Continue Reading →